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Breaking down Information Silos using Technology

Infionic was born with an idea of a unified vision and collaborative approach to business operations. Traditional IT Products and Solution Providers operated in silos with no end-user innovation and stagnancy in the workflow. For a free flow of information and efficient operational structure, there was the need to break down silos.

Infionic was envisioned to develop modern IT Solutions aiming to equip organizations with the right information at right time to the right people to enable the right decisions. The vision was adapted to develop a series of small products that work within each silo while being closely connected to create a network of information that helps organizations make well-informed decisions.

Infionic focused to stack information in an organization like ions in a crystal. Just like individual ions come together to form brilliant crystals, collaborated information can create equally magical events in an organization.

Infionic empowers enterprises with business automation, to meet the fast-paced technology-driven needs bridging the gaps of physical reporting and manual data. Designed with world-class ERP, Infionic is a comprehensive solution built to integrate the multitude of departments in any enterprise. For the last 14 years, we have been delivering software solutions, with stable growth in customer base across US & India. With diverse and extensive domain expertise and industry knowledge, we deliver goal-oriented solutions across industries like Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, and Chemicals. We align your IT solutions to meet your business needs with agility and precision.


Empower your organization with Infionic’s Expertise

Domain Knowledge
Domain Knowledge

Targeted solutions designed by industry experts to address real-time challenges.

Increased Flexibility
Increased Flexibility

Dedicated to delivering easy-to-use solutions to meet the growing business needs.

Better Optimization
Better Optimization

Unified platform ensuring seamless workflow empowering your IT infrastructure.

Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance

Business workflow standardization to safeguard sensitive data in compliance with local and global regulations.

Quick Implementation
Quick Implementation

User-friendly application with easy and quick launch attribute for higher adoption rate and smaller learning curve.

Cost Effective
Cost - Effective

Affordability solutions that are easy on budgets. Minimum TCO focused to maximize ROI.

Infionic's Journey

Our Curve of Learning and Innovation

"Established and set up in Hyderabad and New York. Moved to India and started product development. Within 3 months of our beginning, bagged our first client in the Pharmaceutical industry. "

"First Productized version of ERP launched. Infionic migrated from a custom solution to a complete and product solutions provider"

"Launched Cloud Operations making product deployment extremely easy"

"Acquired 1st Global Customer. Got ready for deployments outside India spreading across Malaysia, US, and UAE. "

"Launched Infionic ZIP and First Subscription based customer  "

"Started with New Age Cloud and Saas Products with 21CFR Qualification. Going out-of-the-box with minimal configuration and customization. Products got extremely easy to deploy and fragmented to meet each customer’s need. Continuing the goal to create the most user friendly an affordable ERP software in the world, Infionic have built a 100 people talent pool across Engineering, Product and Service Industry. "


Meet the people that transform the way companies run

Subramanyam (Subbu)


Subramanyam (Subbu)


IIM and BITS Graduate. Worked in Pharma IT Solutions for over a 2 Decades.


Product Strategist


Product Strategist

Graduate from Stanford and MIT. Led Organizations in Pharma, Food and Beverage, Oil and Gas. Brings in extensive domain knowledge.

30+ years

Industry Experience

250,000 +

Materials Managed

4 Billion+ USD

In Purchases

60 + cities

Across 10 Countries

Recognitions that proudly speaks for our products

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Pharma Enterprise Software Solution Providers
Manufacturing Tech Insights

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