Maximize the true potential of your sales force with our comprehensive, efficient and usable CRM tool

Organizations can be successful only with adequate focus on customer management and this inturn, translates into effective utilization of the CRM tool. Anything complicated, laborious and time consuming would naturally deter the sales force from using it as it would steer them away from critical customer facing activities.

Infionic One’s Customer Relationship Management tool has been recognized as a simple yet trustworthy and effective sales management tool. It provides a platform for the sales force to view and prioritize their prospects, opportunities and sales activities while simultaneously enabling the executive team to seamlessly generate and view key sales reports.

  • Infionic CRM is easily accessible, customizable and can be optimized according to the needs and requirements of the clientele.
  • Enables easy communication with the customers directly through the CRM account thus cutting down duplication of efforts among the sales team.
  • Offers to organize automate and coordinate data across sales, marketing and customer service teams.

Account and Contact Management:

Infionic One’s Account and Contact Management module enables businesses to grow and helps make smarter decisions in marketing. Every contact is a potential customer and it is essential to effectively manage communication with all contacts. The holistic image of all the contacts within a company is quintessential to convert the prospect into a client. Our tool gives the sales force a powerful solution to mechanize the sales strategy and secure new sales opportunities.

      1. Ability to seamlessly share information with the contact either through the Infionic One CRM module or through email
      2. Enables Executive Management to gain visibility into the nature of contacts ie gate keepers, decision makers, influencers etc
      3. Enables organization mappin

Opportunity Management:

Opportunity management supports in maintaining track record of each and every opportunity that the salesforce deals with. It gives the ability to track various functions thus providing a snapshot of the deals in progress as well as those won and lost. It also provides the Executive team with an ability to have up-to the minute information.

      1. Tracks multiple opportunities with detailed insight into each contact, conversation and the specific opportunity.
      2. Improves responsiveness to all sales inquiries thus driving sales and boosting customer loyalty

Order, Revenue and Billing Management:

The Order management system enables users with order creation, execution, cancelation and also order modifications. It helps manage the sales proposals by creating time bound quotes, applying discounts, where applicable and converting them into orders.

      1. Track status of proposals from order creation to shipping through payment receivables.
      2. Automatically notify customers of their order summary thus managing expectations

Key Account Management:

Certain accounts require higher care and concern. The Key Account Management aspect of our CRM enables the Executive Management as well as the Sales force with equips them with a clear snapshot on the account status and all the communications with the contacts in that account.

      1. Faster response time to altering sales situations with real-time data
      2. Complete and instant visibility into the named key accounts
      3. Enables better customer hand holding and relationship management

Pricing and Profitability Management:

This module provides a centralized information repository of all pricing related information. The ability to view and leverage historic pricing information, applicable discounts and profit margins equips the salesforce and finance teams with comparative information on past deals and customer expectations.

      1. Set pricing strategy and ideas for order execution
      2. Automatic notification for additional approvers based on profit margins of specific orders
      3. Comprehensive price management solution

Sales Performance Management:

The performance of the sales force decides the future of many organizations. It is critical that the executive team has the ability to gain insight into their performance and leverage this information, as needed.

    1. Create custom dashboards that could enable sales forecasts and the creation of other reports for financial reporting, sourcing, resource management etc.
    2. Track sales performance and quota management