Reduce time-to-market and bring in  a customer-first focus to product development and commercialization efforts using Infionic One

Infionic caters to all the segments within the pharmaceutical industry. No matter which part of the drug development cycle you cater to РCompanies focusing on R&D, Manufacturers of APIs or Formulations, CROs, CRMs or Sales focused companies Рour enterprise wide suite can help you manage all your operations. Our integrated suite -Sales to Project & Portfolio Management to ERP to HRM Рhelps you become a data-driven, technology-driven organization that helps you run all your operations in a optimized and efficient way.

Business processes supported by Infionic One includes but not limited to

  • Research & Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Launch Planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Alliance Management
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Procurement & Inventory Management
  • Product Costing