Company Overview

It was noticed that across industries, despite having the best and the latest technologies around, organizations could not move away from physical reporting and manual intervention for collation and reporting of data. As an answer to bridge this gap, Infionic was envisioned and born. Infionic One product suite is an end to end product that ties all the key functions of an organization and helps seamless information flow across manufacturing, operations, sales, human resources, legal etc and most importantly, to the executive management of the firm.

Ever since Infionic Product Suite was launched, we have had an ever growing customer base across US & India with our focus industries being Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Chemicals. With a steady pipeline, we anticipate significant growth in the current financial year across our target industries.

Our vision is to make information readily available – anytime, anywhere. We realize that information is just fragments of data but when it is streamlined and is in context, it represents more than just sheer numbers. Connecting the dots and through accessing the flow of information, Infionic assures Executive Management of a comprehensive information view giving not just the ability to get a bird’s eye view but also enabling with a further drill down to the source. Companies always wonder whether they are making the right decisions. We aim to equip organizations with Right information at Right Time to Right People so as to enable Right Decisions.