Infionic recognized among top 10 Pharma Techo outlook Enterprise Software Solution Providers 2016

In midst of all the developments that have been taking place in the pharmaceutical space, a number of challenges still persist within the area of enterprise software. One of the biggest issues that majority of CIOs of pharma companies face today is achieving data integrity….. more


Infionic recognized among top 10 manufacturing ERP solution providers-2015

ERP is becoming an indispensible tool for manufacturers to sustain an increasingly competent manufacturing market. The enterprise software can help them efficiently deal with design, build, and delivery of highest quality products..... more


Infionic recognized among IsTech 50 most valuable companies

Formerly, organizations could not move away from physical reporting and manual intervention for collation and reporting of data, despite having the best and the latest technologies around. Infionic was founded, to bridge this gap. An enterprise .... more

hr tech outlook

Infionic recognized for the top 10 workforce management solutions by HRTECH outlook

Bsinesses are currently witnessing a booming trend where employees are no longer considered as a cost center, but an organizational asset. Resultantly, today’s managements are leaving no stone unturned to gain a streamlined workforce. Moreover, with..... more


Infionic recognized among 20 most promising project management solutions by CIO review 2015

With a significant increase in the number of cloud-based solutions and smart devices, business operations have become incredibly effortless and fast-paced. Consequently, it has become mandatory for companies to deliver quality products and services, on time..... more


Infionic recognized among 20 most promising project management solutions by CIO review 2015

Information is just fragments of data unless it is streamlined and in context, especially in the project management sphere. Establishing Infionic 8 years ago, it has been Subramanyam S.P. (Subbu)’s endeavor to tackle this data and provide project management solutions.... more